One if by Land….

Chicken Supreme
Deep-fired breast of chicken served with supreme sauce. 7.95

Roast ½ Chicken
Plump and moist, baked with lemon pepper seasoning. 7.95

London Broil
Sliced thin and cooked to your specifications. Served with au jus. 8.95

Open-Steak Sandwich
A 10 oz. Sirloin charbroiled to your specifications and served open faced. 11.95

Petite Filet Mignon
The tenderest of cuts served with out classic mushroom sauce. 12.95

Beef Wellington
Our version of the classic tender Filet mignon topped with
peaches and wrapped in a puff pastry. 13.95

New York Sirloin Strip
A full pound charbroiled to your specifications. 14.95

Filet Mignon
The King of Steaks. Served with mushroom sauce. 14.95

Two if by Sea....

Fried Shrimp
Succulent shrimp hand-breaded and deep-fried. 9.95

Baked Stuffed Shrimp
Large shrimp baked en casserole with our own seasoned crumbs. 11.95

Fresh Sea Scallops
Choose from three delicious preparations: baked with our
own seasoned crumbs, honey baked or deep-fried. 10.95

Fresh Haddock
Your choice: baked with our own seasoned crumbs or deep-fried. 10.95

Haddock Casserole
Choose from three delicious preparations: honey baked, au gratin
or tomato & basil 10.95

Shrimp Athenian
Tender shrimp baked en casserole with a delicious blend of
oregano and garlic butter topped with feta cheese. 11.95

Seafood Sampler
Scallops, haddock, and shrimp served in four delicious ways baked
en casserole with seasoned crumbs, au gratin, Athenian or deep-fried. 11.95

Escalloped Oysters
Served en caserole with a cream sauce and a cracker crumb topping. 9.95

Fried Oysters
Deap fried to a golden brown. Served with french fries, and coleslaw. 9.95
(A garden salad may be substituted for a dollar charge)

Haddock Chatham
Fresh Haddock backed en casserole with tomato sauce, feta cheese and fennel seed.10.95

Salmon Filet
Atlantic Salmon filet served grilled or poached. 12.95

The above served with our homemade bread. A choice of potato, rice, coleslaw, or vegetable. A choice of house salad or soup du jour. Substitute Caesar or Greek Salad or a Cup of Onion Soup- $1.00

From the Orient.....